Jingle Street FAQ

How do I use Vocal Jingle Packages?

You can customize and update your broadcast messages using your local voice-over talent. Select the length and the version with the right amount of vocals to accommodate your message. Upon the first hearing, your audience will begin to associate your vocal jingle "hooks" with your business. See How to Use Your Jingle Package for more information.


What rights do I get with my Vocal Jingle Package?

You will have rights to use your Vocal Jingle Package in your local market area for the life of the business. Local market area is approximately a 50 mile radius or the same as your local radio and television station's broadcast area for their local market. Your music license will be a non-exclusive license. If your advertising needs are to include any type of "nation wide" broadcasting, such as on a super station that would broadcast your message in all 50 states, please contact us about a custom made music package.


Can I use my Vocal Jingle Package at all my business locations?

Yes, if all your business locations are in the same local market area. If you have businesses in more than one market area, you will need a license for each area. Ask your representative about multi-market special pricing.


Do I own the copyrights when I "buy" a Vocal Jingle Package?

No, all copyrights remain with the original copyright holder. You will have a "Music License" granting you the "rights" to use the music for life on a non-exclusive basis within your local market area.


Can I use my Vocal Jingle Package for Music On Hold?

Yes, you may also use your Vocal Jingle Package for music on hold at your local business location. Your music license includes "performance rights" of the music when it is used for music on hold. This means, NO yearly payments to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC (saving you hundreds of dollars a year).


How soon can I get my Vocal Jingle Package?

Your order will ship next business day via US Postal Priority Mail, along with your receipt and music license granting you the rights to use your Vocal Jingle Package within your local market area for the life of the business.